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What's your personal property worth?

Fair market value, liquidation, auction, replacement? It is impossible to intelligently discuss methods of valuation without reference to some essumed definition of  value. (1) Many people hold the mistaken notion that there can be only one "value".There are many definitions of value, and the purpose of the appraisaltypically determines the appropriate definition of value.

Over the past 30 years we have been involved in appraisals for contractors, lender, dealers, attorneys, and trustees. We feel communication between the appraiser and the client (or the clients legal or other advisor) is the key to defining the purpose and objective of the valuation assignment. While this seems simple, clearly defining the elements of the appraisal is one of the best ways to avoid delays, errors, and misunderstandings. The reason for our success may be our experience and our focus on details.

We want to listen to your appraisal requirements.

James C. Bonbright. The Valuation of Property. Vol 1. (Charlottesville, VA: The michle Company, 1965 (reprint of 1937 ed.J), p. 128.

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